Werner Schaeppi, Bangkok
Count Alois Kálnoky, Cicsó / Čičov
Count Farkas Kálnoky, Versailles
Mrs Hilda Winnicki, Mexico
Mrs Ioana Kirculescu, Mexico
Mr Álmos Derzsi-Pap, Budapest
Mr Jenö Szepessy, Nagyenyed / Aiud
Dr. Sándor Madaras, Marosvásárhely / Târgu Mures
Mrs Ágnes Semler Gál, Budapest
Rupert Wolfe – Murray, Innerleithen, Peebleshire, UK
Felix Jackson – Esher, Surrey, UK
Ingeborg Despres – Villemomble, France

Monika Martini – Berlin, Germany
John C. Holbert – Dallas, Texas, USA
Robert Ffrench Blake – Dorchester, dorset, UK
Jane Nicholson – Hunstanton, Norfolk, UK
A. C. Yates – Cornwall, UK
Rodics Gergely – Cambridge, UK
Anthony Lowther – Pinkerton – Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK
Kelly Herbert – Paris, France
Kelly Herbert – Paris, France
Tristan von Stechow – Konstanz, Germany
Emily Davies – Lierno, Lecco, Italy

The Kálnoky Foundation is thanking all its honourable patrons, it sponsors and all those that have helped this project come to life, with their efforts and dedication.

In order to better sustain this project on a longer term, we need support to complement the financial income from visitor fees and events, as these are not sufficient in our remote location.


You can now become Patron of parts of the castle, of the park or of collections in the museum. We have prepared a list of potential patronages (see below), but also invite your creativity (or even sense of humour) to tell us what you would like to become the patron of, and which monthly amount you’d like to support the project with (i.e. ‘Patron of The Secret Passage’ – 50Eur, or ‘Patron of The Broom Closet’ – 30Eur) over the period of at least one year. 

For example, Elan Foundation from Switzerland has kindly offerred to be our Special Patron for Youth Activities.


As expression of our gratitude, Patrons will receive free vouchers (for the equivalent amount of their sponsorship) which they could use at Count Kalnoky’s Guesthouses and at the museum (for events or renting the space). They will also receive discounts for local crafts and free invitations to the yearly Patron’s Ball. A dedicated plaque in your patronage’s area and media mentions are self-understanding, unless you specify otherwise. You will be informed about any interventions / improvements on the object of your patronage and receive a yearly report on all the project’s activities.


Here is a photo gallery with the list of patronages that you can choose from. You can also find the price list below:

Patron of the Old Alley, the beautiful entrance leading to the castle, shadowed by wonderful old chestnut trees (400 euros /month)

Patron of the Formal Garden. Box hedges, herbs and flowers, as arranged in 1698 AD (400 euros /month)

Patron of the English Park, with its wildlife and centuries old trees. (500 euros/month)

Patron of the Pond (and  pavilion).  Home to many frogs who offer their concerts for free every summer night (400 euros /month)

Patron of the Main Porch. This clacissistic terrace bears the coat of arms and is the most prominent part of the building ( 300 euros/month)

Patron of the Southern Terrace. This is the most Romantic side of the castle in its pure renaissance style (300 euros/month)

Patron of the Renaissance Terrace. The old family motto is engraved in the lintel: ‘Non est mortale quod opto’ (What I desire is not mortal). (300 euros /month)

Patron of the Palace Room. Receptions, conferences take place here, and it is probably the most admired room in the castle. (500 euros /month)

Patron of the Biedermeyer Salon. With a Streicher piano, the same model that Brahms composed his rhapsodies on. (400 euros /month)

Patron of the Biedermeier BedroomIt also has the only original loo, or shadow-seat, of the manor (300 euros/month)

Patron of the Lady of the Manor’s Room. With rich stucco decorations (400 euros/month)

Patron of the Lord of the Manor’s Room. With its oriental carpets and weapons. (Price 400 euros/month)

Patron of the Eclectic (Altdeutsch) Salon. With monumental furniture. (400 euros/month)

Patron of the Eclectic (Altdeutsch) Bedroom. With its beautiful vault. (300 euros /month) 

Patron of the Main Cellar. Concerts, exhibitions or parties: this is where the fun happens. (500 euros/month)

Patron of the Cellar’s Guard’s Room OR of the Cellar’s Priest’s Room (300 euros/month)

Patron of the Cellar’s Middle Room. With souvenir shop corner. (200 euros/month)

Patron of the Main Kitchen. Wonderful old charm in the basement. (400 euros/month)


You can also become patron of your preferred object or collection in the museum. 

The above list is not exclusive and we invite all potential supporters to be creative and submit their ideas and offers. If there is something that particularly attracts your attention, please let us know and we would be happy to send you more photos and informations! Funds will be used for the general maintenance of the premises, their further development and for the activities of the project. Patronages are meant as monthly support for at least one year. Your support can be paid monthly or in a lump sum.

We also suggest unconventional patronages of:

-the small kitchen

-attic rooms


-secret passage

-cellar vault room (museum)

-frogs in the pond (or storks chasing them)

-bats, owls, falcons, eagles

-flowers and plants

-special old trees in the park


For more photos, please see our Facebook: Kalnoky Castle -The Museum of Transylvanian Life or Instagram accounts: Kalnoky Castle.

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