Werner Schaeppi, Bangkok
Count Alois Kálnoky, Cicsó / Čičov
Count Farkas Kálnoky, Versailles
Mrs Hilda Winnicki, Mexico
Mrs Ioana Kirculescu, Mexico
Mr Álmos Derzsi-Pap, Budapest
Mr Jenö Szepessy, Nagyenyed / Aiud
Dr. Sándor Madaras, Marosvásárhely / Târgu Mures
Mrs Ágnes Semler Gál, Budapest
Rupert Wolfe – Murray, Innerleithen, Peebleshire, UK
Felix Jackson – Esher, Surrey, UK
Ingeborg Despres – Villemomble, France

Monika Martini – Berlin, Germany
John C. Holbert – Dallas, Texas, USA
Robert Ffrench Blake – Dorchester, dorset, UK
Jane Nicholson – Hunstanton, Norfolk, UK
A. C. Yates – Cornwall, UK
Rodics Gergely – Cambridge, UK
Anthony Lowther – Pinkerton – Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK
Kelly Herbert – Paris, France
Kelly Herbert – Paris, France
Tristan von Stechow – Konstanz, Germany
Emily Davies – Lierno, Lecco, Italy

The Kálnoky Foundation is thankful to the honorary patrons of the Foundation, the financiers and all those who have made this project possible through the dedication and efforts made, but have also provided support for further steps.